A New Olympic Event

Grocery shopping with more than 1 child should be an Olympic event. I just completed my large grocery trip for the month with my 2 children in tow, and I feel like I just finished a tri-athelon. I’m physically, mentally, and discipline-ally exhausted. It takes some serious physical strength and skill to be able to maneuver a cart one-armed through the ever decreasing aisle space. I say “one-armed” b/c usually about 30 min. into the trip, my 4 mon old decides he has had enough of sitting in his carseat and wails until I carry him through the rest of the store. Trying to figure out which brand is the cheapest and if I’ll be able to deal with the quality of that cheap-o brand for every item I buy is like mental gymnastics all the while making sure my  2 yr old isn’t pulling things off the shelves (those glass soda bottles are sooo pretty – yes, they still make them!), isn’t putting extra things in the cart, and is staying close to  Mommy. But this shopping trip was like a trip to heaven compared to June’s big trip. After arriving home from that trip, I vowed never to take 2 children shopping again. After telling a friend some of the details, she was laughing hysterically and telling me to write it down… so here it is.

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