An Organized New Year

Lately, I’ve been tossing around the idea of writing about more day-to-day happenings on my blog instead of exclusively writing about the “big” events in my life that end in some random “grand” thought about life. The idea has stayed with me as I have recently entered the age of electronic calendars and said “good-bye” to my paper calendar, which I have always regarded as my life’s record of the events of the year. Over the next few months, I will be experimenting with writing more about our general activities. I know many of you read my blog because of the links I post on facebook, which I will continue to do – but ONLY for posts I deem contain content worthy enough of a facebook post. For those (few) of you who wish to follow the mundane happenings, you’re free to check my blog as often as you wish or you can now subscribe to receive email notifications when more content is published. (A huge “Thank you!” to my blog Administrator for his late night work in order to make this available today.) Now onto the first mundane entry….

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Every year for the past couple of years I make a non-resolution – get the house more organized. I abandoned making resolutions years ago, so the closest I come to making a resolution is to set a goal. The difference between a goal and a resolution is attitude. Goals are a hopeful look into future, and knowing I won’t be a complete failure if I don’t achieve it. Whereas a resolution many times carries regrets of the past and the social of stigma of failure if I don’t achieve the end result in one year.

Last year my goal was organizing my paperwork flow. I have been somewhat successful at achieving this goal. I no longer have stacks of miscellaneous papers sitting on my desk for months on end; I now have general miscellaneous items sitting on my desk, like the current book I’m reading, Alice’s unfinished thank you notes/stamps, Ian’s twisties and tape, my in-laws vinyl records that Daniel transferred to CDs… you get the picture.

One of the most annoying aspects about Christmas and the new year is not taking down the tree (vacuuming all those needles), setting goals too big to keep, or eating 3-week-old cookies; it’s figuring out where/how to store the kids’ new loot. Our toy areas have driven my obsessive-compulsive husband nuts since they originated six Christmases ago; and by the time the celebrations were over this season even I was experiencing STC (Serious Toy Claustrophobia). It was time to do a major revamp of the toys in our house.

I pondered this for a couple of days too many forcing Daniel to say, “Are you going to do something about the toys… or should I?” Since I was a little concerned as to what Daniel  would “do” to the toys if I didn’t do something, I was relieved when it finally clicked— Alice needed a shelf/storage unit in her room, pronto. The idea of needing to buy more stuff to keep our current stuff organized made me cringe, but I have finally conceded to the necessity of it. The idea of bringing more stuff into our house went less well with Daniel who, in the end, consented; but wanted quality furniture, which neither of us was willing to pay for.

Craigslist is always an option for quality used items, but I didn’t want to hang around Craigslist for the next couple of months while living in Toy Land. Nor did I have the time to visit every Goodwill and thrift store in the county either, so on Thursday evening I headed to Kmart instead (without kids). Guess I’m a product of the age of instant gratification. I spent half an hour in Kmart perusing their organization options, but wasn’t thrilled with any of them.  I was about to leave the store when I spotted it— the particle board wonder I had in mind from the get-go, with cloth bins made to fit in the cubby holes. Perfect.

I got it home and commenced putting it together in the living room while Daniel oversaw the project by occasionally glancing over top of the book he was reading to make sure I wasn’t completely off-track. I’m sorta proud of myself for my ability to read “sketchy-man” directions and construct a product that looks like the picture on the box. Of course Daniel’s pronouncement of the shelf is that he’s afraid it won’t holdup. (My reply- I didn’t expect it to be an heirloom piece.) He also told me I should have used a #2 screwdriver instead of a #1… What?? After giving the shelf a good shake, Daniel finally couldn’t help himself and had to tighten down the screws, which definitely helped the unit feel a bit more solid.

Step one is complete – buy more stuff to organize the old-new stuff. Next comes loading the shelf unit, and then it’s onto the next disaster zone where I’ll hopefully be struck by more spectacular organizational ideas. Actually, Daniel already mentioned we may need additional shelf units like the one I just bought for the rest of our stuff;  so I’m guessing he somewhat approves. Stay tuned for more pictures and possibly more trips to Kmart, but probably not until after another busy weekend.

No power tools were harmed in the construction of this unit

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  1. Nice job Nat! Have you tried Freecycle? It’s like Craigslist except everything is free. I got a great cast iron tree stand that way. It’s also a good way to get rid of your extra stuff.

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