Life with a Geek – Part II

old setup

I know you’ve been waiting for them, so here they are….


Top 5 things I’m trying to love about living with a geek….

5. Unrelated to problems with our internet provider, our internet sporadically goes down as things are re-wired, re-routed, re-who-knows-what-is-going-on-in-that-office. (This phenomenon is actually what inspired this post to begin with. I was bored without internet for two evenings as Daniel re-vamped “something” downstairs in the office, unable to catch up on the latest Biggest Loser or Parenthood episodes—my TV guilty pleasures—I figured I’d write a snarky post about it all.)

4. Things are always changing (I don’t like change). Just when I think I’ve finally got it all down—the function keys, navigating our massive music library, the ins and outs of Internet Explorer-Chrome-Firefox-Safari internet browser (I’ve used them all by the way), Daniel will change something, and I’m back to square one. Then of course there’s always the latest operating system upgrades and software changes – Picasa versus iPhoto, SplashMoney versus MoneyDance, MS Office versus LibreOffice. Are non-geeks always looking for the next best software program too? My motto is “If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it…. for the next 20 years.”

3. Lots of random computer parts, many with a purpose that I don’t understand.

brownie points
Extra brownie points to the first non-geek who can tell me what the “black box” does… or can tell me what Daniel is planning to make it do.


Some without a purpose…

extra keyboards
Three keyboards without connecting computers… and an extra mouse, just in case


Another example of extraneous computer parts, after telling Daniel that I wrote a blog on “living with a geek” because the internet was down, he responded by telling me tomorrow evening when it’s down again he’ll hook up the other router. Do non-geeks have extra routers in their homes?

2. The ZONE – When Daniel gets “into” a problem, I have learned not to try to access his brain on any other level. Here is an example of a phone call I made to Daniel while in the zone:

Natalie: Hey, it’s me. What time do you think you’re coming home this evening?

Daniel: (long pause)…. Who is me?… Oh, Natalie… what was the question?

Natalie: What time are you getting home this evening?

Daniel: This evening… hhmmmm, what day is this?

Natalie: Tuesday

Daniel: hhmmm…. What time is it now?

Natalie: 4:30

Daniel: (long pause)… I’m not sure.

Natalie: Can you IM me when you know?

Daniel: Know what?… Oh yes, when would you like me to call you?… Hold on, I have to set an alarm to remind myself to call you.

(Dear, sweet man… I have given up calling you.) I have found texting or IMing works much better, even though I know an immediate response to either is not likely.

1. Geek-speak – If you’ve never experienced two geeks talking to each other, you need to understand that it is literally!! another language. Feel free to let your eyes glaze over and your thoughts drift to the dusty corners of your mind because that will probably be more interesting than the current conversation—when was the last time I scrubbed the inside of the dishwasher?—and the geek-speakers won’t notice your inattention anyway.


Top 5 things I’ve learned from living with a geek….

4. Apple… enough said.

3. When Daniel tells me “It’s too complicated to explain,” it really is too complicated to explain.

2. The term “raspberry pi” does not refer to a fruit pie, nor does “python” refer to a snake. The “man pages” are not for just any man, and the “man pages” can also be used by knowledgable women. Linux is an operating system only people with lots of spare time run—and I was just told that we will soon be running it too. Apparently Daniel thinks I have lots of spare time (remember what I said about change?). By the way, I still do not know what “GitHub” is, even though that word is said more in our house than my own name, and just wait until I figure out how to get your kernel to boot.

1. Backup, backup, backup – not that I actually do this. Daniel has this all running automatically, and I don’t worry about a thing.

0. (Sorry, I guess Daniel’s rubbing off on me; sometimes I start with zero instead of one.) For brownie points from the geeks out there… simple user interface is everything! In my next life, I will probably teach a college course on this topic since I’ve heard so much about it over the years.


Top 5 things I love!!! about living with a geek…

5. All the household software programs I can dream up at my disposal. Need a menu-generator? Daniel has promised to write a program to generate a monthly menu with all of my dietary stipulations. Also complimentary database programs—a running log, a budget spreadsheet to compare multiple years of information, a spreadsheet of projected expenses for remodel projects—all at my fingertips just by request.

4. A handy-dandy blog administrator. I had no idea how to set up a blog, nor did I have the gumption to actually do it myself. Even now that it’s set up, I still go to Daniel with all my technical questions. Recently, he implemented a traffic analyzer so we can chuckle at the phrases people google which lead to my blog.

3. Everything is optimized and configured exactly how I like it. Honsetly, I know I don’t realize everything that Daniel has optimized for me. But one of the newest features is that my iPod now automatically syncs every time I plug it into the laptop. God knows I needed that after I recently lost years’ worth of contact info because I didn’t bother to sync my iPod since there was more than one step involved… way too complicated and time consuming.

2. Two computers, several accounts on each computer, all talking to each other = mind-boggling, but also a wonderful, beautiful experience!

1. Any computer problem is not my problem. Can’t get my pictures to upload… LibreOffice crashes when I write the word “geek”….. Need a new motherboard because the current one is on the fritz…Oh Daniel – where are you? (What is a motherboard anyway? Sounds like something I need to replace because I think mine is on the fritz too.) I don’t even bat an eyelash at computer events that might give another person severe heart palpitations. Blue screen of death… slow internet connection…. forgot to save a document—I’m fully confident that Daniel will restore everything to its rightful manner. I cannot tell you how much I love, love, LOVE! not dealing with technological problems.


Well, now you’ve had a glimpse into my view of Geekdom. Please note, I did have Daniel read both of these posts to ensure I was using my technological terminology correctly and also to ensure he felt fairly portrayed. While it is fun to poke fun at his geekdom every now and then, I really do admire Daniel and his amazing abilities. I would NEVER be able to do what he does with the intensity and passion he has. In fact, I’ve even thought if (God forbid!!) I were ever looking for another partner, a man with technological experience would definitely be a positive asset. I count myself extremely fortunate not to have to worry about computer/technological problems since I abhor them, and the conveniences of living with a geek far outweigh the inconveniences. Thanks for making my life simple, Daniel. I’m not sure I’d own a computer if it weren’t for you.

thumbs up
“I’m Daniel Miller, and I approve this message.”

4 thoughts on “Life with a Geek – Part II”

  1. Oh my! This made me laugh!
    You are so gracious!
    And I have no idea what that black box is. I have my own unexplainable ones….

  2. Oh. My. Word. You crack me up! You nailed it exactly. While I would call myself a mini-geek I can commiserate with you on several levels. However, I have been more than blessed being able to run tech questions that I can’t solve (on my own) past Dan and Joel. LOVE IT! Thanks for making me laugh this afternoon!

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