Ode to my KitchenAid Mixer

monster cookie 1

Dear KitchenAid,

I know it’s been a long 60 hours for you, but I wanted to thank you for working as hard as you did. You put in long, hard hours this past Christmas, and I apologize for an additional laborious weekend so close to December. I wanted you to know how much I truly appreciate your mixing abilities and willingness to work with me.

We’ve gotten to know each other a little better over the past 2+ days. You’ve realized I would love to be a pastry chef… or at least you think I’d like to be a pastry chef. However, I’ve come to realize I don’t care enough about the appearances of my product in order to pursue that profession. (But I have a feeling you already knew that from helping me decorate cakes for the kids over the years. It was never you, KitchenAid, that was the source of my frustration. Instead it was the lack of my own abilities.)

I also appreciate your ability to change direction in the middle of a project. You were pumped up and already in the first stages of making a double batch of chocolate chip cookie bars when I realized I did not have near enough brown sugar and was not about to run to the store by way of snow covered roads to get more. You were able to switch gears quite quickly and did not voice any complaints at the amount of time I spent finding a compatible butter/white sugar/no brown sugar recipe. Thank you for your flexibility.

Anyway, dear KitchenAid of mine, I know my mother-in-law is sad she sold you to me and would love to have you back. To be honest, I had no idea the quality mixer I was getting when you came to my house, but just so you know—I’m keeping you for good. Also I’m thinking that after this weekend you’re already dreading what I have in mind for the coming week since my boy’s birthday is right around the corner. But you’ll be happy to know he wants an ice cream cake, and I’m happy to oblige given my cake decorating skills.

Oh… and finally, I promise next time I’m asked to contribute food to a get-together, I will give you a well-deserved rest and take something that does not require your services. Sleep long and well, KitchenAid.

Tastefully yours,

The Baker

Hard at work
peanut butter chip brownies
Originally chocolate chip cookie bar which morphed into peanut butter chip brownies since the brownies required the same amount of butter and white sugar, and no brown sugar.
monster cookies 2
Monster Cookies
Chocolate Raspberry Cheesecake (I found out this weekend that one can floss a cheesecake. Wow – I never knew! Obviously, mine was not flossed… or in any way fussed with.)
creme de menthe
Creme De Menthe Paisley Chocolate Drops – This was my first time making them, and they were a big hit at tonight’s get-together.

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